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Your frequently asked questions about our work and your wedding planning

How can we book an appointment with Entire?

You can contact us via phone or e-mail. We will arrange a meeting and come straight to you aboard our van to whatever area is more comfortable for you (your home, or we can even join you during your lunch break), so that we can show you our products.

How far can you travel for your business trips? And what about the costs?

We provide our services throughout Italy. Our fees change depending on where the destination is.
We do not charge additional fees up to a 100 km radius from Rome.

Can we book a date in advance?

Once we have agreed on a fee quote, a date will automatically be booked for the following week without any commitment on your part.

Do you take posed pictures?

Our style comes from photojournalism, so we always try to go unnoticed in order to "steal" the most important moments with discretion. If requested, we can take group shots or more "formal" portraits with close relatives and friend, as well as portraits of the newlyweds.

How many photographers and videomakers will attend our wedding?

Depending on the solution you chose, you will have up to two photographers and two camera operators.

Why should we choose the solution consisting of two photographers and two camera operators?

Two photographers working together can ensure a more complete photographic journey, because they can split and follow the bride's and groom's preparations separately. This format will also allow you to obtain different framings and cuts of the same events through the entire day (e.g. the entry into the church or city hall, the exchange of rings and so on), catching your emotions in every instance as well as your guests'.

How long does it take for you to complete your photoshoot?

Unless arranged otherwise with prior notice, both the photoshoot and the videoshoot end with the cutting of the cake. We may stay longer, without charging additional fees (up to an hour past the cutting of the cake), in order to fulfill the spouses' requests during the data sheet meeting.

Do we have to take care of your staff's meal?

Yes, please!

Will it be up to you to decide the photoshoot location after the ceremony?

One month prior to the wedding, you will meet with a staff member with whom you will decide on every aspect, including the exact timing of your preparations and the location for the after-ceremony photoshoot. We are very keen on this particular meeting because it allows us to write down everything that is important to you, so that on your wedding day you can feel sure you don't have to remind us of anything.

Who will be in charge of the actual photoshoot of our wedding?

Your wedding's pictures will be taken by photographers who are an integral part of Entire Photo Studio. We do not employ freelance photographers or external collaborators. Our method is to follow you from start to finish, and that's the only one we know. It's the sole means that we are able to fully manage and meet your expectations.

How long after the event will we get our pictures?

Proofs will be available within 45 days from your wedding date.

How many pictures will be taken on our wedding day?

There's no actual limit to the number of shots we could take on your wedding day. Thanks to our reflex digital cameras, we can constantly look for important moments to immortalize with great creativity while maintaining proper discretion. We average from 2000 to 3000 shots per wedding which are later selected and edited until they are narrowed down to 800 to 1500, which is the range of actual shots we will be delivering to you.

Who makes the final decision about which pictures have to be picked out?

Your wedding's photo album is a personal and intimate memory. We firmly believe that it should be up to you tu decide which pictures deserve to be in it. We could only make an aesthetic and technical choice, but the emotional aspect would be removed, and that part relies on you. Obviously, we will be glad to put our experience at your service by providing you with help and advice.

Can we have the final word on our pictures editing style and our photo album layout?

As soon as we meet to agree on your wedding's data sheet (one month prior to the wedding), we will review our photo album templates together, so that you can choose the style and layout you like the most.

How long after the event will we get our photo album?

After receiving the list of your choices, we will send you the first graphic proposal within 45 days. The final product will be delivered 60 days after your final approval at latest.

When will the video be ready?

Your video's soundtrack will be requested before the wedding (during the data sheet meeting, a month prior to the wedding). This way, we will be able to send you the trailer 45 days later and the full video in three months time.

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